Rise Up Ravagers

Gathering Of The Clans

You as pumped as we are?

So you’ve passed security and the hard testing questions and you got yourself a fearsome Ravager name which strikes fear into those that hear it. Just like mine. I am a big deal. You will call me SHOVELBRAINS!!!!!

You have earned your place in the Ravager ranks for now. There are many Ravager Clans but only the best six will be travelling to Contraxia to the one and only tournament, THE GATHERING OF THE CLANS! And it’s here you will receive your final initiation into our crew.

It’s time for us Ravagers to RISE AGAIN TO GLORY. You must prove you're worthy of wearing the Ravager garb by helping your clan to victory and be crowned Clan of the Galaxy. The best Clan will be rewarded BIG UNITS so you better be ready.

Large poster showing the six clans which will attend the Gathering of the Clans (the galaxy's number one tournament), it reads: only one clan can rise to glory. Rise up ravagers. Hosted at Contraxia. Sponsored by the Tivan Group

The Rules

We’re not here for a long time, we’re here for an awesome time.
Ravagers are always hungry for intergalactic adventure.
At the Gathering of the Clans Ravagers FIND they do NOT steal.
Friendly trash talk only!
Competition should be fierce and fun, no nasty business.
No weapons!! The whole Nova Corp will be on us!
Winning UNITS and becoming Clan of the Galaxy is EVERYTHING!